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A new year, and new cinematic territory to be explored – both figuratively and literally! As we launch into 2014 and prepare to venture into uncharted cinematic territory with a diverse selection of offbeat films in store, we are equally excited to venture into a brand new city with IndiEarth On Screen screening nights.

Next on the radar: High Spirits in Pune. Poster-PuneOn January 23rd 2014, High Spirits will join hands with IndiEarth on our mission to share the finest of Indian and international non-mainstream cinema with audiences all around the country.

The launch of IndiEarth On Screen at High Spirits will feature two films. The first – Mithun Bhat’s Back of The Busk: Cathy Grier – is a musical portrait of blues/folk DIY musician and street performer Cathy Grier aka NYC Subway Girl; the second film – Aniket Dasgupta and Swathi Sethumadhavan’s The Other Way – is a unique look at India’s indie filmmaking community.

We caught up with Khodu Irani – founder of High Spirits – about the vision behind his venue, his work with the indie arts/music/film communities, and the upcoming collaboration with IndiEarth.

IndiEarth: Can you tell us a bit about the spirit behind High Spirits? What is its vision – as a performance space and venue?
Khodu: Honestly, High has always been a journey not destination. We’re very fluid in terms of the performance space and the venue we provide. Due to this we do everything from indie music, theatre comedy, to cheesy karaoke. So High is an extension of my personality and programming and is really done according to my perception of what’s hot and what’s otherwise.

IndiEarth: How does High Spirits look to promote independent artists and musicians in India?
Khodu: We’re pioneers of the indie music scene in the new millennium and we’ve always tried to promote new artists, new forms of music, keeping in mind audience sensibilities & preferences. We have different nights promoting different types of independent artists in our space and across social media platforms. Our youtube has over 100 videos of indie artists’ showreels.

IndiEarth: Can you share your thoughts about this collaboration – between High Spirits and IndiEarth?
Khodu: We are very excited about a collaboration in terms of films because we realise IndiEarth has a bigger reach with independent movie makers than we can hope to have at this point of time. So I think our collaboration will create a harmonious symbiosis which will benefit the Pune audience and artists from IndiEarth.

IndiEarth: What are you looking forward to – for IndiEarth On Screen evenings at High Spirits?
Khodu: We’re looking forward to gaining a fresh perspective on the independent music scene; one that will lead to a deeper understanding of  different creative experiences that various artists can bring to the fore and how enriching they stand to be.

IndiEarth: How do you think High Spirits can work alongside the IndiEarth collective – to nurture an independent music and arts scene in India? What do you see for the future?
Khodu: It’s a very new experience for us so we’re very open and excited for it. We’re really passionate about the independent art we represent and support and its very reassuring for us to know that an initiative like IndiEarth would work towards the same objective with us.

Screen Times: 

Pune Screening

Date: 23rd Jan – Wednesday / High Spirits, Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Pune / ENTRY FREE /

20:00 – Back of the Busk – 6 mins  | Music, Short, Docu | 2013 | English | Director: Mithun Bhat

20:10 – The Other Way – 90 mins  | Documentary, Cinema | 2013 | English | Director: Aniket DasGupta & Swathi Sethumadhavan


IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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