Sun, Sea, Surf and Song – Covelong

The days were filled with sun, surf and sea, the sunsets came alive with music and song. This past weekend – September 27th – 29th – the little village of Covelong experienced three unforgettable days at the Covelong Point Classic Surf Contest and Music Festival. The IndiEarth Stage – which was situated in the center of all the action with a backdrop of ocean blue –  saw a diverse sea of talent from across the country and around the globe, taking to the stage and sharing their music.

Edo and Jo

Edo and Jo

To kick off the musical ‘extravaganza’ on Day 1 were singer/songwriters Edo and Jo from Australia, with an acoustic set characterized by the sweetness of Jo’s voice, and the gentle strums of Edo’s guitar. The ever popular Skrat from Chennai took to the stage next and delivered a guitar heavy adrenaline driven performance, prompting some of the Covelong surf boys to steal the spotlight (for just a moment), breaking into impromptu dance sequences and rather deadly looking back flips.

Day 2 saw a splash of colour with Bangalore based Mad Orange Fireworks, an up and coming alt rock outfit that blend funk elements with pop, rock and a generous dose of fun. The sweetly soulful Nina Vasu was up next, armed with her guitar and with a cajon played by Dhanush Harigovindsingh.  As dusk slowly set in,  folk fusion act Antoney Yenn Party got up onstage – and the crowd was thrown into a frenzy unable to stop their limbs from flailing frantically to the pulsating folk rhythms and the powerful voice of Antoney Dassan. A tough act to follow – but Bangalore rockers LIVE Banned rose to the challenge, and delivered a performance that was part Bolly/Kolly musical, part stand up comedy. Closing the night was Dub mastah Dakta Dub, with an impromptu appearance by Spanish MC Pentxo and Surendar Ksatriya on the didgeridoo and jew harp.

Live Banned

Live Banned

Day 3 kicked off with a little Brazilian bossa nova as The Tomatitos from Bangalore delivered an eclectic and enjoyable set interspersed with some soulful sax-y solos. Chennai boys Frank’s Got The Funk pumped up the energy next, with a few of their new releases. Finally, the festival ended rather aptly with one man, his guitar and a crystal clear voice – Jono from Surf Walla – with a few acoustic numbers to calmly close the festival after three days of adrenaline filled action.

The music at the festival provided a fitting soundtrack to three days of Covelong surf history in the making. In fact, we at IndiEarth would like to invite you musicians out there to be part of that story, and part of those history books…how can you do that? Read more here.



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