IndiEarth Out There: Parvaaz

Upon its quest to seek out India’s most exciting independent artists at the moment and see how they sound acoustic, unplugged and out there IndiEarth Out There has stumbled upon some truly exciting finds indeed. Genre no bar, the series explores the sonic landscapes of cities across India – discovering fresh local artists, providing a space where new sounds can be heard, while simultaneously showcasing established independent acts.

One of these musical gems is Bangalore based experimental rock act Parvaaz.

With a sound that brings psychedelia into the same airspace as rock, where Kashmiri coexists with Urdu in the form of poetic lyricism, where rhythm and blues meet – Parvaaz have been creating music together since 2010, when childhood friends Khalid Ahamed and Kashif Iqbal from Kashmir reconnected again in Bangalore.

Click on, listen to the band muse about their muses, and watch them perform Ab Ki Yeh Subah. Without further ado, we present to you: Episode 3.

Written by: Khalid Ahamed, Kashif Iqbal & Umer Allhie
Khalid Ahamed: Vocals & Guitar; Kashif Iqbal: Vocals & Guitar; Fidel Dsouza: Bass; Sachin Banandur: Drums


IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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