IndiEarth Out There: All The Fat Children Part II

“I think more than musicians we’re a bunch of attention seekers. We’re performers, we’re entertainers, I think what’s important is us relating to the crowd. We live for that connect.”

Live, loud, letting it all hang out – All The Fat Children‘s high energy live shows revolve around these three element, and they certainly do not disappoint. The Bangalore based rock act started as a college band in Christ University, and now play something they call ‘fat rock’ – a self coined term the guys use to describe their ‘in your face’ sound. Here’s they are live on IndiEarth Out There performing their single “Chariots Of Fire”.

Written by: Eben Johnson
Composed by: Eben Johnson

Eben Johnson: Vocals & Guitar
Vickram Kiran: Backing Vocals & Bass
Sachin Savio Dane: Drums & Percussion


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