Starting from Scratch: The Curious Case of DJ Skip
"With turntables, suddenly the whole game changes – vinyls were the shit! I found suddenly I could make this physical connection with the music, I could see the music, I could actually grab the music, juggle it, all kinds of mad stuff. All of that got me into the turntables. I mean, there’s only so much you can do with CDJs, right? I realised with turntablism, this is an art form that should be preserved and showcased, and should be seen by more people."

IndiEarth On Screen: Coming to Your City

Pune and Bombay calling! As the next edition of IndiEarth On Screen quickly approaches this Thursday April 10th, we have good reason to celebrate with two new venues jumping onboard the cinematic bandwagon. Introducing - The Flour Works, Pune, and The Hive, Mumbai.

Blending Cultures: Parvaaz

Parvaaz is set to release their debut album, which is being crowd funded through Wishberry. The name of the album is ‘Baran’, which is a Persian word meaning ‘rain’. When asked why they chose this name, this is what they had to say – "Rain has been associated with us for the better half of the last two years. A lot of washed out shows, a lot of instances where rain played spoilt sport. But in hindsight, it wasn’t too bad after all. There was always a balance.”

Media Talks Back: Amit Gurbaxani

After having spent over a decade covering and writing about music for different publications including Rolling Stone India, NH7’s IndieCision, and Time Out India  - Amit Gurbaxani – currently the senior editor of online lifestyle magazine Mumbai Boss – is waist deep in India’s burgeoning independent music scene and is optimistic about its future. "The future’s so bright, we should all wear shades”, he jokes.

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