IOMMA 2015: Your Chance To Perform!

The call for showcases for IOMMA 2015 is now open! IndiEarth, in collaboration with IOMMA (Indian Ocean Music Market), offers an exciting opportunity to India’s musicians to perform at the fourth edition of IOMMA 2015, happening in the resplendent, culturally rich Reunion Island from the 1st – 4th of June, 2015.

Media Talks Back – Mae Mariyam Thomas

"I try my best to be open-minded and incorporate as many different kinds of independent music as I can. Also, there may be particular songs that our music manager likes, or there are some artists that have got daytime airplay, like Indus Creed, The Colour Compound or Duncun Rufus,” continues Mae. "You can’t escape playing popular music, whether vintage or contemporary.

Legal Myth Busting – Film, Music and Graphic Novels

If you are a creative professional who creates artistic content for a living, then you know that it can be hard to get appropriate business and legal advice, in a format that is both easy to understand and economical. Fortunately, you can turn to your creative community for support and be pointed to resources or media that can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Play to the Crowd: The Technology of Crowdfunding

By definition, crowdfunding is the practice of raising money for a project by having several people donate small amounts of money – a practice that dates back to the days of Lady Liberty (and even earlier), and that’s also being employed today by more and more individuals in the creative sectors.

Managing The Musician

Today, artist and band management has found its way to India with several bands turning to the professionals to help them live the dream, and deal with the infinite pesky issues that crop up. Here are a couple of managers who spill the beans on what they do and how they do it.

My Baby Video Release

MY BABY has released a new music video for their single "Juno Moneta", featuring footage shot on location in India, and digital images of Cato. Watch it now on our blog.

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