IndiEarth On Air: Alternative Content On The Airwaves

As part of its mission to unearth the many hidden gems in the country’s independent music, and showcase these artists to more audiences via different forms of media – IndiEarth has tied up with Chennai Live 104.8 FM to broadcast the best of the Indian independent music and film circuit.

True Love Story: In Conversation With Gitanjali Rao

"I find emotional connects to the film far more endearing than an intellectual comment,” says filmmaker Gitanjali Rao. "I think Tamil Nadu is like that – the South of India especially connects with films very emotionally.”

Creative Counsel: Working with Documentaries

In this edition of #CreativeCounsel, Manojna Yeluri of Artistik License answers all your questions relating to documentary filmmaking!

For the Love of Restless Beats

On the night of the 4th of December, a group of strangers gathered in a tiny bar in Mumbai to sing, to pay ode to the blues and to sway, watching the magic of music unfold under dim lights. There was a sense of abandon lingering in the air; the guests were served a side of happy chatter with a dash of nostalgia. This was the prelude to The Orlem Music Festival, an ambitious project that seeks to revolutionise the indie music scene in Mumbai, India. It is the brainchild of Aaron ‘MrWaters’ Gomes, 30, who has been working on the idea with friends ever since a brainwave hit a few years ago.

The Royalty Treatment and Music

Confusing as it might seem, royalty payments lie at the base of a complicated industry engaging musicians, filmmakers, producers and distributors alike. If you’re a filmmaker, musician or producer then here are a few simple things to remember about royalty payments and how they work in India.

IndiEarth XChange: In Conversation With Tej Brar

"My hope is in the next five, ten, fifteen years we’re going to get to a place where these two things can coexist and we can share resources. If we even got a fraction of the budgets that are given to Bollywood – production-wise speaking – if we could take that money and create content that is original, and unique, and speaks to the independent artist, we’re already cooking."

Media Talks Back: Radhika Bordia

"I do very strongly feel that this is a country where we need to get as much of the arts on air, in different ways, both by reporting on it, and also using the arts as a way to understand the sociology of a place. For example our folk music, it’s a great journalistic tool – you can see caste unfold through music, gender issues unfold through music.”

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