IndiEarth XChange 2014 – Music Showcase Submission

Showcasing your work at IndiEarth XChange lets your project reach across borders, extends your professional network, and gives you the opportunity to meet the who’s who of the global independent music and film industry, all under one roof.

IndiEarth XChange 2014 – Submit Your Film

The IndiEarth XChange screenings will feature hand-picked films from India and around the world, covering all subjects and topics from social to entertainment. The films will be screened for everybody present at XChange, as well as industry professionals. Filmmakers that have their films chosen will also be able to meet with professionals and participate in panel discussions and Q&A’s with fellow filmmakers and the public.

Dharamshala International Film Festival

The majestic splendour of the Dhauladhar peaks, nestled amidst the Himalayan mountain range of northern India. The Dharamshala International Film Festival – a rather nascent initiative that was born out of a real passion for independent cinema, and a desire to share this passion with more audiences – gears up to launch in this beautiful locale from the 30th of October till the 2nd of November, 2014.

Clause Alert!

No matter how artistic and transformative your work, your work commitments as a creative professional will require you to encounter contracts, agreements and other similar paper work. Contracts can be tricky and it’s always important to read and understand the terms you’re about to sign up for. To make things a little simpler, here’s an easy list of significant clauses or terms and what they actually mean.

In Conversation with Rishu Singh, Part 2

We continue our conversation with Rishu Singh, co-founder of ennui.BOMB and a champion of the indie music scene in India. In Part 2 we talk to him about the Stupiditties compilations, the New Wave Music Fest 2014 in Goa, his latest show on ‘The Ride’ on Pepsi MTV Indies, and more.

A Still World: Proud Camden

Proud Camden is a venue, literally, like no other. Set in a 200 year old Horse Hospital in the heart of Stables Market, Camden, the space still retains the original stables that once upon a time housed horses injured from pulling canal barges. Proud Camden’s interiors are covered with legends of eras gone by, and the space has developed a cult following with musicians like The Arctic Monkeys and Sadie Frost swinging by to hang out.

Media Talks Back: The World Show with Nicky B

"I always say that I was born an artist, but by nature I’m a teacher,” she begins telling me, reminiscing about the beginnings of her inspiring life path. "I studied Fine Arts, and have taught at international schools as well as in disadvantaged areas. By chance or by default I became a DJ also in 1990, when I came back to Johannesburg to live."

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