Heads Up: It’s The Supersonics

The independent scene definitely lacks funding. They can never match up to their Bollywood counterparts in terms of money and popularity, but the talent is in equal proportions – if not more. The artists still find it difficult to make music a viable option as everyone around them seems to be making more. Unless it can become a viable source of sustenance it will be an ongoing struggle.

In A Confusing World of Legalese – Creative Counsel

Your Questions Answered! Write in with your questions about the confusing legalities in the world of music or filmmaking, and make informed, professional decisions that affect your creative work. Manojna Yeluri, Founder of Artistik License, clears the fog with her regular column on the questions you ask, to get the answers that you need.

A Still World: Landjuweel Music Festival

The village of Ruigoord, 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam, is the sort of place you only stumble upon because a friend of a friend’s friend’s friend tells you about it. Luckily for me, my friends told me about the Landjuweel Music Festival (August 6th – 10th) – a village that was abandoned in the early 70s, and then squatted by artists – some of whom still live in the village today, others who have their studios and work spaces in the village.

Rang Rangiya: A Song Beyond Borders

Maati Baani’s new song ‘Rang Rangiya’ is an ‘online’ collaboration between 12 Indian and Pakistani artists, – Komal Rizvi, Santosh Ghante, Gulab Afridi, Sarthak Mudgal, Kartik Shah, Nirali Kartik, Omran Shafique, Kurt Menezes, Biswajit Chakroborty, Rupe Khan, Moti Khan and Asfandyar Junejo.

Into The London IndieGround: Death And The Penguin

"It’s a very difficult place to be as an unsigned band – I don’t mean in terms of the quality of music, because there are so many great bands in the city. It’s just become much more fragmented now, there are so many venues shutting down because overheads are so costly, and live music isn’t necessarily the draw that it once was. It’s hard to find good venues and they’re getting further and further out of the city so it’s harder to get big concentrations of audiences."

In Conversation with Sourav Sarangi

Sourav Sarangi
’s film Char is about life on an island in the middle of the river Ganga, where it forms the international border between India and Bangladesh. The island appears one day after the river has devoured the villages of people who live along its banks. Sarangi follows over many years, the life of a young boy, Rubel who migrates to the island with his family to make a home on no man’s land.

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