Film Lineup Revealed!

Over 50 independent films from countries far and wide! 

The XChange Film Festival showcases some of India’s finest filmmakers, and explores a very different perspective of both Indian and international cinema.

Workshop: Ableton Live!

Ableton Live offers powerful tools for musicians and performing artists.

This 2 hour workshop with sound designer/musician/music producer Yoav Rosenthal covers the basic tools and features for musicians who want to record, produce, and perform live using Ableton Live.

Workshop: Mindfulness For Creatives

Electronic producer, yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer Phoebe Kiddo conducts a workshop on the power of the mind in the creative process. 

Through discussion, practice, and theory, learn techniques to harness the full potential of your creative mind!

Music Journalism

A 3-day workshop on Music Journalism by London-based world music critic Simon Broughton (Songlines UK)

Whether writing for print, for PR, for a blog or simply for fun, the workshop will benefit anyone looking to learn in a stimulating environment!

Get Your XChange Pass

At IndiEarth XChange industry movers forge tangible connections, growing the market in India and opening international markets for Indian artists and professionals.

Over the span of 3 days, industry professionals and creative minds from across India and different corners of the globe come together to engage in dialogue, meet other professionals, book artists that feature at the XChange festivals, network, and explore business opportunities beyond borders.

IndiEarth XChange 2015

In its 4th edition this year, IndiEarth XChange - India’s definitive trade event for independent music, film and media - provides a professional platform where world industry representatives, venue owners, media, labels, musicians and independent filmmakers can network, discuss, attend workshops, and experience performances and screenings by independent artists.

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Asad Ali, India
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