Culture, Chaos, Creation: IndiEarth XChange 2014

The third edition of IndiEarth XChange took Chennai by storm, with a whirlwind three days at The Park Chennai that included 25 conferences/workshops, 25 music showcases from around the world, and 26 independent film screenings. Delegates from the independent music, film and media industries worldwide came together for three scintillating days of what can only be described as truly memorable.

In A Confusing World of Legalese – Creative Counsel

Write in with your questions about the confusing legalities in the world of music or filmmaking, and make informed, professional decisions that affect your creative work. Manojna Yeluri, Founder of Artistik License, clears the fog with her regular column on the questions you ask, to get the answers that you need.

Musicians With Many Hats – In Conversation with Nitin Rajan

Nitin Rajan of Primitiv is no stranger to the familiar juggling act that many independent artists have to master – between a day job, one’s career as a musician, and one’s personal life. Indrajeet Deshpande spoke some more with Nitin about the life of a musician wearing these different hats.

Media Talks Back: To Praise Or Not To Praise

"When it comes to reviewing gigs or albums, my feeling is one has to be absolutely honest – in whatever knowledge I have of the music scene, trying to place that concert or CD where it sits in the bigger picture of music, what’s successful and what’s not about it. I’ve been very rude about some music, and of course it doesn’t make you friends, but sometimes people say even afterwards, "Okay, I see what you were saying with that, or I took advice from that”."

LIVE Banned: Came and Putting Scene

"Yes, comedy/parody as a genre is coming of age here in India now and the audience is accepting of it, but there’s a long way to go. We just wanted to have fun, make fun of other people and ourselves and entertain the crowd. ‘Entertainment’ being the key word here. We knew it was a big gamble, but someone had to do it. We had to do it. We knew it would either be a disaster or a superhit. Fortunately for us it’s been the latter."

Tarnation: Documenting 19 Years of Life

Edited for a meager $218 on Apple’s iMovie software, Tarnation offers an intelligent perspective on film-making – independent or otherwise. The film has achieved such terseness in editing and post-production that is not possible with an Interstellar – in fact, the history of independent and underground cinema is replete with examples of filmmakers wisely resorting to DIY techniques to create cinema of grittiness, dirty realism and of backyard poetry.

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