IndiEarth Animation Film Festival: Call For Submissions!

Calling all animation filmmakers! IndiEarth invites you to submit your animated creations for the chance to be screened at the third annual IndiEarth Animation Film Festival coming up in August 2016.

Hang Massive: India And Beyond

A peculiarly ethereal little instrument that resonates with traces of the Indian Ghatam and Trinidadian steel pan, the Hang tends to captivate anyone who encounters it. Danny Cudd, along with fellow Hang artist Markus Johansson, comprise Hang Massive – a widely renowned act that has garnered a huge online following over their years of playing together, often busking on the streets of Europe.

Counterflows Festival 2016: The Carnatic Music Ensemble

In an exciting collaboration for the Classical arts, EarthSync has partnered with AC Projects – producers of the Counterflows Festival in Glasgow, UK – to showcase the Carnatic Music Ensemble. Featured in the ensemble is violin virtuoso Dr M. Lalitha Kalaimamani and her guru and mother – vocalist Smt. Subbulakshmi Muthuswamy, marking the first time in the festival’s history that South Indian Carnatic music will be showcased at the prestigious event.

Funding The Arts: The Hong Kong Arts Festival

1,400 renowned artists from around the world, 119 performances, one festival that has stood the test of time – The Hong Kong Arts Festival, a tribute to art in all its multitudinous splendour, recently celebrated its 44th edition. Associate Programme Director So Kwok-wan opens up to IndiEarth about how the festival has been able to financially sustain itself as long as it has

Strings Attached: When Veena Met Violin

The first few rays of morning light peek through the window as Jayanthi lifts the kudam of her veena with the tender care one would employ when picking up a child. Her day begins by basking in the instrument’s meditative lilt, her fingers fleeting across the frets with the agility of a water strider skipping across a pond. For Veena virtuoso Jayanthi Kumaresh, practice began at the tender age of three.

IndiEarth XChange 2015

In its 4th edition this year, IndiEarth XChange - India’s definitive trade event for independent music, film and media - provides a professional platform where world industry representatives, venue owners, media, labels, musicians and independent filmmakers can network, discuss, attend workshops, and experience performances and screenings by independent artists.

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