Open up your art: Creative Commons, Music and Film

Fed up with the restrictions of the copyright regime, a group of people decided to put their heads together and create an alternate licensing system – a system that protected artistic work but didn’t make it restrictive, expensive or closed. This alternate licensing system is known today as the Creative Commons or CC for short.

DIY Musicians Campaign: And The Winners Are…

After receiving an overwhelming response to our DIY Musicians Campaign with entries coming in from every corner of the country, and from genres equally as diverse, picking a winner proved to be quite a task. But what is truly exciting is the sheer diversity of independent talent that is being produced all around the country today, made clear by all of your entries.

Skunk In The Cellar: An Interview With Shantanu Pandit

"I’ve felt uncertain about all my material at some point of time or the other,” says Delhi based singer/songwriter Shantanu Pandit. "I still feel uncertain about Skunk in the Cellar sometimes. Some of the songs on the EP don’t particularly reflect a pleasant state of mind, and at some level, I didn’t know how I felt about putting them out.”

Hot Off The Press: Call for Media

This is a call for media across the arts and culture spectrum who are actively engaging with independent filmmakers and musicians of the country and giving them a national or international spotlight, thereby fostering the growth of India’s independent music and film scene.

Film Funda: Funding Your Independent Film

"The way you go about funding your film will often depend on the subject of your film,” continues Miriam Chandy Menacherry, "Once you choose a subject you also have to ask questions like who would be an audience for this film? That can dictate how you go about raising funds.”

IndiBites: In the Scene Today

Music festivals, gigs, art exhibitions, EP releases, plays, film fests, poetry readings. IndiEarth’s bite-sized info updates of what’s going on in the Indian independent circuit.

Watch this space to stay updated!

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