The IndiEarth Podcast – March 2015

A compilation of new sounds, artist interviews and conversations, music from the finest of independent talent – it’s all here. The March edition of the IndiEarth podcast is back with a bang. A host of Indian independent talent you could and should be listening to – just hit play!

A Place at the Top for the Short Film Set to Donn Bhat’s “Disco Disco”

How does a tale about record-setting human pyramids during Mumbai’s Janmashtami festival end up having anything to do with a trippy disco throwback? The answer to that is in Donn Bhat’s documentary music video for Disco Disco, off the Mumbai-based electro-rock artist’s second album Passenger Revelator.

Finance Bill 2015: A Disservice To Artists?

With the recent Finance Bill of 2015 introducing a service tax for artists performing classical and folk art, forms of dance, music, and theatre – artists who charge more than one lakh rupees for a performance will be subjected to paying the tax, as of the 1st of April 2015. With musicians already having to pay a 30% slab of income tax on their earnings, many members of the classical community are voicing their opinions against the central government’s proposition.

Exploring Realms of Unconventionality

Route2Festival was born from a simple concept – to make 48 hours the most memorable in the lives of a few strangers, in a rural setup far away from the chaos and madness of the city lights. On the 21st and 22nd of February, a new movement was set in motion.

The Independent Spirit in Tamil Cinema

We spoke with Baradwaj Rangan on the cinema that lies close to his home and heart – Tamil cinema through the ages, its evolution from a theatre tradition to the silver screen, and the pioneers who had the courage to break out of the mould, showcasing the imaginative spirit of the independent filmmaker and creating avant-garde works of art that were years ahead of their time.

Legal Myth Busting – Film, Music and Graphic Novels

If you are a creative professional who creates artistic content for a living, then you know that it can be hard to get appropriate business and legal advice, in a format that is both easy to understand and economical.

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