A Tribute To Animation

"I think one of the main reasons why I have so much respect and passion for animation,” continues Gitanjali, "is because I learnt and practised animation before the computers took over. Learning to animate on 35mm film is the best basic training one can have for animation – it’s one reason for immense patience. Animation is a medium that has grown and evolved hugely since I first got into it.”

Film Funda: Submitting Your Film To Festivals

IndiEarth sat down with Martijn De Pas of IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam) who is on the selection committee for documentary shorts, and is in charge of selecting music documentaries, to get his insights on festival submissions.  Renowned worldwide, the IDFA is a leading festival that showcases the best of of non-fiction storytelling from different corners of the globe.

Review: Videokaaran and Cinéma Vérité

It is an intimate documentary that captures the vanishing history of video parlours that screen pirated prints of films to an audience that cannot afford the luxury of multiplex amusements. For a nation of over 70% economically disadvantaged people, these video parlours offered them brief moments of levity, moments of reconciliation. Videokaaran captures this emotional energy and the sheer magic of cinema.

The IndiEarth Podcast – August 2014

Surfing the sound waves of ambient electronica this week, the IndiEarth podcast will dive deep into a truly unique talent pool of artists from all around the country. Delhi based SundogProject will take listeners through dream like soundscapes with their single Parhelion; Audio Pervert takes you on a sonic trip with UHeld Me (DownLift).

Bridging the Octaves: IndiEarth At The Park

This past Saturday night saw Shakthi performing at IndiEarth At The Park – IndiEarth’s independent live music gig series. She brought together her myriad influences to perform some of her own original music – something she hasn’t done for quite a long time in Chennai. And at The Leather Bar was Sapta aka Marti Bharath – an electronic artist based in Chennai and equipped with an arsenal of original material designed to get his listeners moving.

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