XChange Film Awards: And The Winners Are…

Making their debut for the first time in XChange history – the XChange Film Awards celebrated the spirit of independence in all its cinematic glory, featuring a finely curated selection of films from different genres and directors with vividly innovative approaches to storytelling.

Providing a platform for both established and emerging filmmakers, the spirit behind the awards is to showcase artistry and innovation in the field of cinema, celebrating filmmakers who stay true to their vision while pushing the very boundaries of the craft. “I’m really thankful for the award”, says Israeli filmmaker Noa Gusakov, winner of the Audience Choice Award, “How to Swim is such a personal story for me, but knowing that it managed to touch other people’s hearts so far away from my home is the thing that gives me energy to keep making films.

The XChange Film Festival this year was in association with LiveTree – a London based company that uses cutting edge AI software to benefit the creative industries and help filmmakers secure funding, and was curated by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Harold Monfils. In addition to the screenings, the festival also featured Q&A sessions with directors, opening up the floor to audience interaction and a slew of engaging discussions.

Award categories this year included Award For Best Indian Film, Award For Best International Film, LiveTree Award For Innovation In Film and the Audience Choice Award – and was judged by an international jury.

The film explores the theme of desire in regions where not many resources are available, and in the process one becomes desperate” says director Tarun Jain, “It feels immensely good to have received the Award for Best Indian Film at the XChange Film Awards amidst so many other wonderful films!I’m thankful to IndiEarth for the platform and for acknowledging my work“.

Below is a complete list of the winners:

Award for Best Indian Film – Amma Meri | Dir. Tarun Jain

Award for Best International Film – Rush Hour | Dir. Luciana Kaplan (Mexico, USA, Turkey)

LiveTree Award for Innovation In Film – The OX | Dir. Giorgos Nikopoulos (Greece)

Audience Choice Award – How To Swim | Dir. Noa Gusakov (Israel)


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