The Sounds of Rebellion Resonating in Odisha // Blood Earth (Word Sound Power)

WORD SOUND POWER [WSP] is a not-for-profit initiative with a cultural and social significance. WSP are committed to integrating socially relevant songs from India with cutting-edge electronic music. Produced by Chris McGuinness with lyrics provided by Delhi Sultanate, WSP engages folk artists from conflicted areas and in collaboration to tell their unique and powerful story.

Their first endeavor was ‘The Bant Singh Project’, a moving story of Bant Singh, a Dalit Sikh famer. After his minor daughter was raped by some powerful men in 2000, he dared take them to court and convicted. When Bant Singh was returning home through some wheat fields he was ambushed by a gang of seven men who set upon him with iron rods and axes beating him to pulp. He barely survived and his injuries were so bad that his arms and legs had to be amputated, leaving his tongue as his only weapon to fight the injustice. (BANT SINGH remixes).

The next project titled ‘Blood Earth’ is about the conflict and question the real meaning of development. Kucheipadar is a village in Odisha’s tribal belt whose mineral rich land is extremely fertile. In 1993, Indian government-backed corporations commenced surveys in the area in search of bauxite, the key ingredient of aluminum that also lies at the root of the region’s fertility. The discovery of billion dollar deposits spelt the beginning of a protracted struggle between the local tribal population, the government and corporations.

The project is under post production and set for an April release.

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Check out the trailer below:

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