Business Class Refugees


Business Class Refugees is a global, collaborative project by music producer Kartick (Patrick Sebag) and sound designer Gotam (Yotam Agam), who mix local music from around the world with electronica.
The project has no end. Taking their base tracks around the world, Kartick & Gotam collaborate with local musicians to overlay local artistic interpretation and signatures.

Peter Cat Recording Co.


Peter Cat Recording Co. or PCRC is based in San Francisco/ Delhi currently consisting of 4 members , former in 2010. It was initially a solo project started by Suryakant Sawhney in San Francisco, eventually blossoming into a full blown band/act. Their style ranges from Gypsy Jazz to Ballroom Waltz to Midnight moon-light car chase (think DOn) The sound is heavily inspired by 60's/70's Bollywood music, and American music of the 5o's such as big band music and soul.

Something Relevant


Something Relevant is an indie band from Mumbai, India. 'STR', as they are popularly known in their hometown, was formed in 2003 while most of the band were at St. Xavier's College. The band writes simple songs and douses them with a heavy Jazz, Rnb and Afro influence. STR went on to play countless shows over the next nine years, playing constantly across India and abroad at festivals like The Edinburgh Fringe and Jakarta's Java Jazz Festival. The band developed a strong and loyal fan base which continues to be like a big ever-growing family.

Sing Sing


Wantok Musik Foundations - Sing Sing, from Papua-New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Oceania, is a musical gathering where tribes and villages share their dance and song.Sing Sing extends that idea over the whole of the Pacific, in a visionary spectacle that has electrified audiences worldwide, with its pulverizing log drum orchestras, uplifting choral singing and haunting solo voices featuring many of the Pacific's finest singers, musicians and dancers.

Gwyneth Glyn and Tauseef Akhtar


Fusing guitar and harmonium and the Urdu music tradition Gazal, with its strictly metered poetic lyrics, and the ancient folk poetry of Wales’ Hen Benillion for the first time ever, Mumbai based musician, Tauseef Akhtar, and Welsh musician and poet, Gwyneth Glyn, are bringing to life a new shared voice and sound. Following a residency in Wales, the next stop in the journey was Mumbai this November, where they have creating original poetry inspired by the ancient verses of India and Wales and drawing on the sounds of Wales’ harp (though Wales’ Georgia Ruth Williams) and India’s tabla and sitar. The performance at this festival is one of their first joint public performances.
The collaboration is the first in a series of creative collaborations between musicians from India and Wales under the title I Adra developed by Wales Arts International (a partnership between Arts Council Wales and British Council).

Ti Fock


"the Reunionese magician of rhythm and verb” is the undisputed leader of Electro - Maloya. This songwriter, singer, and musician was born on the West Coast in Saint Paul, Reunion Island. At six he went on stage with the orchestra of his father (TITIAY ORCHESTRA), and played his first chords at balls and dances on Saturday nights for fifteen years. His career spans over 20 years, with 4 album launches and touring with big names such as James Brown, Santana or Ray Baretto. Ti Fock is back on stage to reveal his music with traditional Maloya, jazzy ambiance fused with electro for an absolutely unclassifiable experience.

Sulk Station


Sulk Station is an electronic/trip hop duo from Bangalore formed by Tanvi Rao and Rahul Giri in 2009. Their music is driven by Tanvi Rao's sultry vocals wrapped in a haze of atmospherics, minimal beats and homegrown synth sounds.
Their songs are a mix of contemporary electronic genres (trip-hop/post-dub step/ambient) with traces of Indian classical music.

Parvathy and Lakshman Baul


Parvathy Baul is well known for her masterful solo renditions of the oldest style of Baul song and dance. She sings and dances with the accompaniment of Baul instruments like Duggie, Ektara and Nupur all played at the same time. Baul poetry is conveyed or written in the Bengali language. Her music encompasses subjects like universal love, the connection between body and universe and leelas of Radha and Krishna.
Laxman is a disciple and the adopted son of renowned Baul Master and composer Shri Shudhir Goshai of the famous Joydev-Tamaltala Ashram in Birbhum District, West Bengal. He is a young performer well known for his magnificent and energetic singing while accompanying himself with Baul instruments like Anandalahari and Dotara.

Rizwan & Muazzam


Nephews of Ustad Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, Rizwan-Muazzam come from a direct line of Qawwali vocal music that spans over five centuries. Their inventive reinterpretations of spiritual love songs based upon classical Islamic and Sufi texts was first showcased in the UK in July 1998, at the WOMAD Festival in Reading, to much critical acclaim, and has since journeyed to the far corners of the globe.
Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali is made up of two lead singers (Rizwan and Muazzam), five secondary singers leading the choral response and vigorous hand claps two harmonium players and a tabla player.

Padma Shankar


Padma Shankar started her training in music at a tender age from her vainika mother, Mrs Lakshmi Narayanan(disciple of Late Ananthakrishna Bagavathar of Calcutta). Padma has accompanied veterans like Dr M. Balamuralikrishna, Tanjavur Sankara Iyer, Smt Vedavalli, Kalpagam Swaminathan, N. Ramani Suguna Varadachary, Suguna Purushottaman, Aruna Sairam just to name a few.

Nathalie Natiembe


Nathalie Natiembé is a phenomenon. She uses her voice like no one else through multiple influences and crossbred sounds. She is immersed in jazz, reggae and rock too and mingles the latter with her maloya, this local blues. Her debut album Margoz was released in 2001. She was labelled "Discovery” at Printemps de Bourges. Sanker, her critically-acclaimed second album, has been recorded with the most influential musicians in the Indian Ocean region. On tour, Nathalie has teamed up with Meï Teï Shô/Susheela Raman rhythm section, as well as Zong's keyboard player Yann Costa, who also engineered Karma.

Sound Avtar


Sound Avtar uses cutting edge music production techniques, creativity and innovation and concocts tunes so monstrous that this brand just had to be brought out. With a genius mix of experience, skills and knowledge, he is ready to unleash the grime and bass within!
Sound Avtar with his diverse drum patterns, heavy bass drops and lines and non-conventional melodies is here to reach out and map the globe with his music.

Vasudha Sharma


Vasuda is a talent discovered from Delhi on an all India level, chosen as a member of the Band Aasma declared as the official Indian Popstars By Channel V. Aasma then rocked the country with two hit albums to their name (Aasma & Aasma Infinite) which were a huge success with many hit singles like Chandu Ke Chacha , Salim Salma, Tumse Hi Pyar.
Vasuda’s music tastefully blends Indian ragas and folk with Western sounds. She loves to experiment on stage with live looping and beat-boxing in her delightful one-woman shows.

Teddy Boy Kill


Teddy Boy Kill is all about the Indian Electronica and comprises of Samrat Bee and his partner in crime Ashhar Farooqui. Forget everything you know about Indian electronica. "Rising out of the usual clutter and clam of electronic music in India", Teddy Boy Kill has forced itself to develop an edgy, moody and distinctly solid sound. An electronic-based rock/techno/electro band from New Delhi, Teddy Boy Kill make a mark with their raucous live shows and high-energy music. Teddy Boy Kill is the iconic reference to an edgey, distinctly solid sound and mood. A manic and crushing mix of Beats/Bass/Synths/Atmospheres/Tales that create the hyper energized tone and imagery of Teddy Boy Kill.



BLaNK are currently ranked India's #1 Pro DJ Act, after their victory at the MTV Ultimate DJ Championships. They were the official DJs for Submerge and MTV, and have performed at the 2011 edition of Bestival in England, playing to an audience of 55,000 people. Their philosophy of Open Electronica music, covers genres like Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive, and Break Beat, fused with the earthy tones of live instruments, classical Indian influenced melodies, and exclusively produced customized cinematic visuals. All these elements come together for a potent combination of sound and visual design, constructed to dominate the dance floor. The act comprises of Manny (DJ); Skip (DJ/turntablist); Alive (visuals); and Nirupama (instrumentalist/vocalist), all pouring in the essence of their joint musical background into their arrangements, pushing themselves - and their machines - to the limit.

Sean Roldan & Friends

INDIA - Artist Page

Sean Roldan, also known as R Raghavendra, is a professional Carnatic classical musician. However alongside his classical training, Sean soon developed a passion for the blues, and country music. His song writing style evolved to include a blend of Indian folk, co-existing with American country blues, acoustic funk and Carnatic classical influences.
The band "Sean Roldan and friends" is an acoustic act, that brings together some of India's leading musicians. The group has a fresh, innovative approach to sound and artistic expression, blending South Asian and Western ideas in new and interesting ways.

Karthick Iyer


Karthick Iyer has been trained in his classical roots since the age of 5 and took to the stage by the age of 9. Trained in Indian classical, folk and pop, he has been evolving his own contemporary interpretative style of popular music He has played in the bigger world stages like Glastonbury, WOMAD, One Movement(Perth), Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, BBC show 'Later with Jools Holland' and the recent Coke studio @ MTV.
He's currently involved in collaborations with musicians from different parts of the world, spreading the genres of Indian classical, folk and pop in today’s contemporary music landscape.

Project YUJ


Yuj, a Sanskrit word that means to join or to concentrate, is indicative of the group’s manifesto — to bring out and fuse its multitude of influences into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The group members’ diverse musical backgrounds and formidable chops allow for flights of improvisational freedom and virtuosity while still maintaining accessibility and musicality.

Madras String Quartet


Madras String Quartet (MSQ) founded in 1993, based in Chennai, performed originally regular western chamber music repertoire. The founder and first violinist of the quartet, V.S. Narasimhan, with his quartet uniquely combine Southern Indian classical music with western harmonic principles. MSQ’s album "Resonance” and the albums "RagaSaga” & "Seamless Strings” are full of Narasimhan’s delicate and intricate arrangements replete with an enduring blend of Western harmonies, counterpoint, and pulsating rhythmic structures.

Dualist Inquiry


Dualist Inquiry is the brainchild and solo project of Delhi based producer/guitarist Sahej Bakshi who graduated from Thornton Music School at USC in Los Angeles, CA. He was ranked #1 nationally in the Burn Sasha Tour remix competition (2010), #3 in the MTV Submerge Ultimate Pro DJ Championship 2010; and has performed at Berlin Music Week, The Great Escape Festival (Brighton), etc. He released his debut EP, ‘Dualism’ in June 2011 on Audio Ashram Records.

Vicckey Goswami


A musician from childhood, Vicckey Goswami hails from Tezpur in Assam. Photography, Film making and Design are talents he also possesses. Vicckey has been composing music for the advertising industry in India and abroad for over a decade. He has done background scores for several movies as well. Playing live with his own band is a new voyage he has set sail on…

Vivek & Fatima


Started out playing light music (orchestra) in Coimbatore and learned about western Classical guitar, which was a turning point in his life. Having completed engineering, was keen to pursue the guitar, and make it a focus instrument rather than an accompanying instrument. This led to the discovery of other forms of finger style guitaring like finger stye jazz and blues and to experience how music has evolved from reading score to what it is today. Presently Vivek teached music in Chennai, apart from performing at popular venues across the city.
Fátima García de Andrés - Flamenco and Contemporary dancer from Spain. Started dancing at the age of 8. Since there, she has been trough the most important Flamenco schools in Madrid ( Spain). Before reaching India, she experience in Paris the fusion of both disciplines, giving a new perspective to her dance.

Rhythm Method


Founded by Laiq Qureshi, who also heads Inroom Records and Urban Beat Project (an experimental label, booking agency and artists' collective), Rhythm Method's sound breeds new-age collaborative ideas. Having worked with a number of artists, Rhythm Method shapes a lot of it's ideas around Drumstep / Breakbeat / World sounds, while heavily investing into rural folk and classical music. It's new album 'Cosmic Creation' (in making) features collaborations by Classical greats like Ustad Sultan Khan and Mahesh Vinayakram, as well as world and jazz musicians like Yoann Freget (France), Kamila Nasr (Canada), Andrea Presa (Italy), Mr. Woodnote (UK) and more.

Mahesh Vinayakram


Mahesh Vinayakram, today is one of the leading artists in the field of Carnatic and world music. He started his career as a SOLO VOCALIST at the age of 12. He had an opportunity to take vocal lessons from Gurus like Shri H.Y. Narayanan, Shri O.S. Thiagarajan, Mrs. Savithiri Sathyamurthy, Shri. Bhagavathulu Seetharama Sarma (Kalapeetham, Chennai) and he is taking advanced lessons from Smt. Radhaviswanathan Daughter of Bharth Rathna M.S. Subbulakshmi.

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