IndiEarth XChange 2012 brings together industry professionals from India and over 11 other countries, well represented by both developed and developing markets.

The think-tank sessions aim to map out and create committed networks for the Indian music industry infrastructure, market development, and a special focus on international collaborations and the Indian Ocean Region.

International Delegates:

Romuald Requena - Sakifo Records/Sakifo Festival


Label Manager at Sakifo Records since 2009.
Artist produced: ZISKAKAN (Reunion) / BAZBAZ (France) / TRUE LIVE (Australia) / TUMI and The Volume (South Africa) Finley QUAYE (England) / Nathalie NATIEMBE (Reunion).Artist Management at 2TEMPS 3MOUVEMENTS since 2003: JAVA (France) / BAZBAZ (France) / FRED (France)

Virginie Clichet - Artist Mundi


Founder of ArtistMundi, a new multi-disciplinary cultural portal aimed at artists and art professionals all over the world. ArtistMundi not only offers online music downloads, but also promotes the arts in general.

Eric Juret "Blanc-Blanc” - Théâtre Luc Donat


Currently Artistic Director of the Theatre Luc Donat, a 600 seat indoor venue in the south of Reunion Island (an IOMMA step). Eric Juret, nicknamed "Blanc-Blanc” is also President of the Association Bato Fou, a forthcoming new venue dedicated to music and digital arts. He runs an event called "La Nuit des Virtuoses” too. Eric is also a reputed sound engineer, who has worked for the best Reunionese bands around the world, and for international festivals. Last but not least in the music business, he is at this moment working on a new album for his band called Nazca, as heavy rock lead singer.

Stéphane Rochecouste - Kabardock


Stephane Rochecouste is the Manager of Kabardock in the City of Le Port - Reunion Island. Kabardock is a concert hall for current music with 3 stages for 60 live/year.

Jean-Noël Bigotti - Antirouille


Former musician and musicologist, he spent 12 years as Head of Publishing and Resources Manager in a national music information center dedicated to the popular music field. He wrote a handbook called "How to start a record company" (in French) and developed programs between France and Canada.
He is now working as a Cultural Project Manager; he is also a teacher for music industry training and courses and a panelist for conferences.

Frederic Robbe - L’Astrolabe


Fred Robbe is the Director of ‘the Astrolabe’, the Contemporary live music venue in Orléans, France. The main activities of this venue are live music events, artistic creation and the support of young artists. Actively involved in the process of structuring the live music industry, Astrolabe is developing a few international co-operations with Reunion Island (Iomma and Sakifo Festival), with Quebec and the FME Festival and the Tamil Nadu District in South India.

Kate Welsman ‘Systa bb’ - RRR Broadcasters Ltd


For the last 20 years Systa bb has been at the forefront of bringing global tunes to eager audiences through her radio show "The Good, The Dub & The Global" on RRR and DJing major events and tours. She is the Program Consultant for Australasian Worldwide Music Expo, contributed to "World Music, Global Sounds in Australia" edited by Seth Jordan and contributes to Rhythm Magazine. She is also a dancing fool.

Solveig Korum Manga - Concerts Norway (Rikskonsertene)


Solveig Korum Manga is Head of international projects in Concerts Norway and leads the cooperation between Concerts Norway and organizations connected to music culture in India. Concerts Norway is a governmental institution that is financed by and operates under the Ministry of Culture in Norway. The organization holds approximately 10000 concerts annually throughout the whole of Norway and employs around 1000 professional musicians annually. Concerts Norway also collaborates with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, with funding from the latter, they carry out programs in more than ten countries. Concerts Norway has since 2002 had a musical collaboration with India. The main pillars of this collaboration are concerts for jazz, rock and metal.

Eluned Haf - Wales Arts International


Eluned is Director of Wales Arts International, a partnership between Arts Council Wales and British Council, and is based in Cardiff. Wales Arts International develops opportunities for artists and cultural organisations from Wales to collaborate with artists from across the world and to explore new international markets. Eluned is also Director for Cerdd Cymru Music Wales, which will be hosting WOMEX, the international world music expo, in Cardiff Wales in October 2013.

Nikki Morgan - Wales Arts International


Nikki is a Development Officer for Wales Arts International, a partnership between Arts Council Wales and British Council, and is based in Cardiff. Wales Arts International develops opportunities for artists and cultural organisations from Wales to collaborate with artists from across the world and to explore new international markets. Nikki is Project Manager for a cultural exchange programme between India and Wales, including a series of collaborations between musicians from each nation (the results of the first collaboration between Tauseef Akhtar and Gwyneth Glyn can be heard during XChange).

Sam Cook - KISSmyBLAKartists


Listed in the worlds Who’s Who of Women, Sam Cook (Aboriginal Australian) is cross-artform practitioner, educator, arts manager and leader. A retired musician she is the founder of Nomads Palace, the world’s first green designed travelling multi-arts venue dedicated to international Indigenous arts and was until recently the Director of The Dreaming Festival and a programmer of the Woodford Folk Festival. Artistically, Sam is a playwright, writer, visual artist and graphic designer. Administratively, Sam started working in publishing ahead of becoming the CEO of a leading Australian Theatre before launching her company KISSmyBLAKarts an all encompassing brand with tentacles into artist management and apparel. Recipient of the UK Arts Council Fellowship in 2007 and 2011, Sam is a columnist for Tracker, and founder of Australia’s Blak History Month.

Israel Wysinger - US of MUSIC / ASTRO BLACK


Los Angeles born, Astro Black (Cuban, Native American, African American), is a musician, Filmmaker, DJ and MC with a long history in the music industry. The son of a re-known Jazz percussionist, Astro began playing his first professional gig at the age of 15, touring with Jurassic 5 as a support DJ. He has since played alongside some of the industries biggest names in music and is often called "the DJ's DJ", known for his seamless blend of genres and party rocking sets. He has rocked crowds in USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Morocco. Musically, Astro has worked for over a decade with Indigenous-Australian aspiring artists and was for many years a core lecturer and music teacher at the Abmusic College.

Gavin Poonoosamy


Cultural activist leaning naturally towards music, I hence position myself as a promoter of the latter. Of a new wave, I strive to gather all actors of the industry in Mauritius into a conscious professional network and drive towards accessing the global music community, so as to learn and possibly, by happy accidents, share. My mission is to create a sustainable network grid to promote music from Mauritius and to promote music, in its grandiloquent sublime, in Mauritius.

Eldar Manor – Media & Entertainment Lawyer


Eldar Manor is a specialist Media & Entertainment lawyer. An LSE graduate and qualified to practice law in both the UK (Solicitor) and Israel (Attorney and Notary), Eldar Manor has 20 years of experience in both the legal and commercial aspects of the international media and entertainment industries. He is also a qualified Mediator and holds an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Salvador Emilio Cantellano - Digital CinematiX


Salvador Emilio Cantellano, is a creative director specializing in creative community engagement. His work has been recognized internationally for its stunning visuals and captivating use of narrative and voice. Salvador has recently been honored by UNESCO as a ‘Youth Looking Beyond Disaster’ ambassador.

Anna Potzsch - Piranha Womex


In summer 2002, she dived into the piranha pool and hasn't resurfaced ever since. After running the WOMEX Showcases, she headed the media and communications for all kinds of piranha events, including WOMEX, and is now in charge of the overall communications at piranha womex. Since 2010 she's also been on the WOMEX Board of Directors steering the fish to future adventures.

Michal Shapiro - Intermuse


Michal Shapiro is a painter, musician, producer and videographer. She was the Director of Music programming for Link TV (a nationwide satellite channel in the USA) for 10 years, and was responsible for all the music that was shown on the channel. She currently has a regular music videoblog on the Huffington Post, is a contributor to national Geographic Music online, and maintains her own blog.

Christoph Pelzer


Christoph Pelzer is a development cooperation expert who has worked in Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Until 2011, he was quality management officer for international cultural cooperation at the Directorate-General EuropeAid of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Since, he lives in Mauritius from where he works as an independent consultant with a focus on the Indian Ocean region.

Chana Anzi


Chana Anzi is the Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Israel, New Delhi. She received a BFA and studied toward an MA in Arts and Cinema from Tel-Aviv University and an LLM from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Chana has directed, produced and edited several documentary and short fiction films, among them "Vika", "Maluhia" & "Tachrichim", which were received with critical acclaim, her film "The Unkosher Truth" received the Rehovot International Women Film Festival First Prize Award in 2008, Israel; The Astra International Film Festival First Prize Award in 2008, Romania; and The Jerusalem International Jewish Film Festival Special Mention Award in 2006. In her current position as Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Israel, she is the director of the ongoing 20th year celebrations of Indian-Israeli diplomatic relations. She is particularly interested in promoting young, cutting edge Israeli musicians and artists, who work across medias to create cross-cultural, Israeli-Indian and international collaborations.

Virginie Berger - DBTH


With more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment and emerging tech industries, Virginie Berger is the former Marketing and Content Director of Myspace (France and French-speaking territories), the former Director of Partnerships for the NRJ group, and, prior to that, for Omnicom and Microsoft (MSN). She is also the founder and CEO of DBTH; a strategy and marketing firm for artists, creative industries and emerging tech. The Agency DBTH focuses on strategies and development to accompany individual artists, cultural industries and emerging entertainment

Tony Nagamaiah - MyCEB


Tony Nagamaiah holds responsibility in the setting up of International Events Unit (IEU) of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) as part of Malaysia Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). Tony will lead the IEU on identifying and supporting international event bids such as sports, art and culture and lifestyle events. He also identifies, supports and markets home grown and home hosted events into achieving international stature. With over 15 years of regional experience, including business development, media communications, bidding, sponsorship, and event management in both the national and international markets, his experience includes senior management positions with Hill & Knowlton S.E.A, PIKOM, The National ICT Agency of Malaysia and Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

Vanessa Pyndiah


Coordinator Executive of the 1st Indian Ocean Music Market (IOMMA). Initiated 2 years ago, the IOMMA is a platform for exchanges between artists and professionals of the music industry in the Indian Ocean. Based in Reunion Island, IOMMA is an annual event that promotes music from all over the Indian Ocean through conferences, networking and showcases programming.

Lee Walters


Lee Walters is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is an active researcher, activist, and project manager in the cultural sector, offering networking opportunities to the sector's artists and creating closer links among artists and operators in the Southern African region. Lee is passionate about developing the arts sector in South Africa, and investigating models for development from the perspectives of local agents.

Stephan Jauffret-Rezannah - Jorez Box


Jorez Box is a Mauritian music label established by Stephan Jauffret-Rezannah. Jorez Box is aiming in the promotion and development of music.
Working with artists like Eric Triton, Tritonik, Dagger Kkila, Why Not Project, Randy Ramos.... Jorez Box is also a cultural melting pot at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Indian Delegates:

Jastirath Julka - Planet Radio city / Freedom Radio


Creative Head-Freedom Radio, home for Indie music streaming 24x7.

Prathamesh Naravane - Yoga For Astronauts


'Yoga For Astronauts' is an enabler for Musicians, Photographers, Filmmakers, Sculptors etc to propel themselves into higher and diverse orbits. Artiste specific PR, Networking, Bookings and Tour Management are the major Asanas.

Ravishankar Rao - E.N.I.L / RADIO MIRCHI 98.3 fm


Currently working with Radio Mirchi as Group Manager Creative Services. Has been into ads jingles voice overs and music production for the past 13 years. An active sessions drummer and vocalist for various bands in and around Delhi. Currently pursuing a masters course in Hindustani Classical Vocals from the esteemed Gandharva Mahavidyalaya under Sh. Madhup Mudgal.

Edison Prithiviraj - Exodus


Exodus is an integrated Music Festival and Event organization, creatively translating music to business. We are a hub for Indian Musicians focusing on the promotion of Bands and Artists and their music by organizing Annual Music Festivals, Workshops and Concerts. Upcoming iSAi 2013 Music Festival, Jazz Festival, Where Blues meets Rock Festival, Raw Power Metal Festvial and Acoustic Festival. Exodus School of Music & DJ Academy train & sharpen talents constantly refreshing our talent pool & our expertise.

Tanvi Shah


Tanvi Shah shot to fame when music maestro AR Rahman shared the prestigious Grammy Award for Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media - 'Jai Ho' - Slumdog Millionaire (2010) with her for her Spanish lyrics in the song. After the success of Slumdog Millionaire, Shah has been featured in Snoop Dogg's song, Snoop Dogg Millionaire. Apart from the Grammy, she also received the BMI Award in 2009 in London for the same and also shares the World Soundtrack Award (2009) with Rahmanand renowned lyricist Gulzar. She has sung for many films including Yuva, Sivaji The Boss, Raavanan, Enthiran, Puli and Naan Mahaan Alla, Billa II, Range de Basanti, Delhi 6 to name a few.

Heena Patel - Rhythm Riders Music Production


A Sanitation Engineer turned tabla player, Heena oversees business development and the international arm of Rhythm Riders' work in artist management and music education. She has been the driving force behind the growing presence of Rhythm Riders and its artists in North America and international music scene.

Pandit Divyang Vakil - Rhythm Riders Music Production


Rhythm Riders' Artistic Director and Founder, Pandit Divyang Vakil wears many caps. As a composer, he has helped shape the contemporary form of classical tabla playing and is transforming the way rhythm is perceived and expressed through various world percussion instruments. As a maestro and guru whose teaching career spans over three decades, he has produced hundreds of musicians of all backgrounds and instrumentation. Through Rhythm Riders, he is creating an international platform for high-quality musical expression.

Sushant Prasad - Monkey Radio


Sushant Prasad is a web programmer, designer, manages Monkey Radio's website, also hosts weekly show Music Manthan on Monkey Radio.

Bala Subramanyam S V - Monkey Radio


Balasubramaniam S V a.k.a. Dakta Dub's career started in 2004 when he flew to Hungary for a Diploma. Destiny led him to Tilos Radio, Budapest and opened doors of underground music which he has been associated with since then. Now back in India, founded and manages Monkey Radio.

Nitesh Mohanty - The Root


Nitesh is a communication designer specialising in Print. In 2010 he co-founded 'The Root' a platform to propagate social, cultural & ecological expressions through creative mediums. He's been curating film screenings through 'The Root Reel' which showcases thought provoking documentary films from across the world. He's currently engaged in research & documentation of the few remaining single screen cinemas of Bombay.

Kaushik Dutta - Song of Soul / Kolkata International Music Festival


Kaushik has been involved with music for over 30 years as researcher, performer, composer, sound designer and studio engineer. He has worked extensively with independent urban and rural musicians and composed music for theatres, films, dance theatre projects and documentaries. In 1986 he founded an organisation Song of Soul to promote traditional and indigenous art, music and dance of India. He has participated in many collaborative projects, seminars and panel discussions including the jazz master class series by National arts Centre, Ottawa and Manhattan School of Music, USA. He was a panel member at the Live Conference in Singapore in 2010 and 2011.

Arati Rao - BFlat / Arati Rao


Arati Rao, programming-in-charge at BFlat, is an artist and singer of repute. BFlat is a music club in Bangalore, India, dedicated towards performance entertainment. The BFlat Bar encourages and supports Indian bands that write their own music and need a platform to be seen and heard. BFlat also regularly hosts an interesting mix of bands from Europe and U.S.A. The genres performed range from jazz and blues to alternative rock, world fusion and more. With her band KAYA, she has endeared herself to Bangalore's audiences for the past many years.

Emmanuelle de Decker - Gatecrash


French born Emmanuelle has been working in the music industry, across different countries, for more than 15 years and has spent the last five years in India as the head of live programming for blueFROG Mumbai & Delhi. Now a consultant in the music industry, she has founded GATECRASH, an agency that specialises in curating and programming live music talent for venues, festivals and events, managing Indian and international artists and supporting the growing independent music scene in India.

Laiq Qureshi


A music journalist for 5 years, Laiq is also an electronic artist playing solo as Satsang Soundsystem, and as part of an live folktronic setup called 'Rhythm Method'. He is now a full-time musician, composer, also a promoter, music evangelist, and co-founder of an experimental record label, and an artists collective producing, booking, and curating festivals, pushing collaborations and reforms in the music industry.

Dhruv Jagasia - Only Much Louder


Dhruv Jagasia is one of the most influential people in the independent music business, having managed Indian Ocean for the last nine years, as well as Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale for 8 years. Dhruv is the festival director at Only Much Louder, the company behind NH7 Weekender, Invasion and the Dewarists, and is responsible for all festivals and large-scale projects the company works on.

Sohail Arora - Krunk / Bass Camp


Sohail Arora is the founder & managing partner of Krunk, an all-India artist management & booking agency, which specializes in the finest local and international talent within the music industry. KRUNK represents a mixture of leading + break through bands & electronic DJ's / producers in India. One half of Bay Beat Collective (BBC), leading bass crew from Mumbai, Sohail also runs India's only bass heavy electronic music festival called Bass Camp Festival which takes place every two months across 4 cities.

Nikhil Raghavan


Having professionally marketed music, Nikhil is a music enthusiast and loves all things music. He often covers artists from across the country in his blog Precious Feature Syndicate which features excerpts from his columns in various magazines and papers. A businessman and professional editor, Nikhil enjoys music ranging across genres with mixed elements of Indian and fusion. He is also passionate about motor sports, films and photography.

Aiyushman Dutta - Eastern Beats


A journalist-critic based in Guwahati, Aiyushman Dutta has been writing on north-eastern music, folklore, cuisine and culture in various publications and portals. One of the very few mainstream journalists to be working for the propagation of north-east indian oral and musical folk traditions, he is presently the art and music critic of The Sentinel in Guwahati, besides being the principal correspondent (East India) for Sound Box and The Big M (Mumbai). Aiyushman is the Founder Secretary of the Eastern Beats Music Society, working towards the holistic development of the independent music industry of the region, and unifying people in strife-torn Northeast India through music.

Guru Somayaji - CounterCulture


Guru Somayaji handles programming and production at CounterCulture. A former journalist, Guru’s foray into the music industry started with stage management and production for Bangalore rockers Thermal And A Quarter while in college. He went on to write his thesis on the music industry and its media and while at it organized UK tours, promoted gigs in Glasgow and also worked as a tour driver for indie bands. Being a drummer himself, he understands band dynamics and how that can be correlated to venues and festivals and his natural curiosity gives him a strong production sense. During his free time he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and can cook you up a mighty fine meal.

Oinam Doren


Oinam Doren is television producer turned director and cinematographer. He began making films while still at school and went on to win the National award from the Government of India. His films have been screened in a number of international film festivals in Europe, US and India and have been lauded by critics and peers. Doren also writes on music, cinema for magazines and journals. He is currently developing a feature film project with support from Goteborg International film festival apart from working on 2 documentary film projects and a screenplay for Green screen lab 2012.

Kabir Ahmed


An extremely innovative & passionate professional, who dons many hats. He recently conceived and executed The Mad Festival; a revered 3 day festival in Ooty, that broke new grounds and set new standards for performing artistes, festival producers and festival goers in India. Having worked on over a 100 campaigns with a multitude of brands across the services, Kabir intuitively understands how to capture the imagination of live consumers, and what works for them. While Kabir is skilled in conceiving ideas and concepts. He is also adept at devising clever marketing campaigns, promotions & strategic alliances, that enable products & ideas in getting successfully delivered to the right audiences globally.

Berenika Rozanska - De Kulture Music


Berenika handles international bookings and collaboration aiming in promotion of Indian music and culture abroad for De Kulture. She is also producing Blue Lotus Festival - an unprecedented event presenting 40 shows of Indian Sufi, Folk, Traditional, Gypsy, Tribal, Devotional, Spiritual and Indigenous music from 13th to 18th February 2013 in Pushkar, India. Established in 2005, De Kulture is a initiative to present and preserve the diverse authentic Indian music genres through live shows, album publishing, digital downloads and licensing, by simulaniously creating a sustainable model of art promotion. DKM represents more than 2000 musicians and has a portfolio of over 50 albums released during last 7 years.

Sonya Mazumdar - EarthSync / IndiEarth


Sonya Mazumdar is the Founder/CEO of EarthSync, a world music label, award-winning documentary film producer, and a production house for global, cross-cultural artistic collaborations. EarthSync's recent initiative IndiEarth Project provides a multi-country collective of professional, cultural and economic collaborations for the development of the independent music and film industry infrastructure in India. Avid traveller and writer, Sonya has over 20 years experience in project management and social responsibility in the infrastructure and content industries in India, West Africa and Asia.

Luke Kenny - 9XO


From hosting shows at Channel [V] as the first Indian VJ to heading programming and artist relations at the music channel for 10 years, Luke has acted in movies (Rock On!), had his own band Greek, and now directing films like 13th Floor and first of the trilogy on the origin of Zombies. He also writes guest music columns on national newspapers and contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine.

Kiran Vadlamani - Creative India


Kiran Vadlamani is a serial and social entrepreneur based in Singapore. He has developed and exited from two ventures in the power sector, and is now the founder of Advaita India & Creative India, focussed on developing global businesses with an Indian link.

Ma Faiza


Born in Africa, raised in Britain, Ma Faiza brings something wholly unique to the Indian EDM scene. She is one of the busiest, most successful and high profile DJ’s that India has seen in the last decade. Emerging from the psychedelic trance music scene into a genre defying selector of the finest electronic music. Ma Faiza plays progressive trance, dirty house and techno or chilled ambient grooves. A commanding presence, free of conventionality, without boundaries or borders and refusing to be limited by style or tempo, Ma Faiza blurs the lines between cultures and genres.

Anirban Chakraborty - RSJ / Entertainment Media Services


Anirban Chakraborty has been associated with the independent music in India since his days as front-man of Orange Street, one of the earliest bands from India to have performed across Sweden, Estonia and U.K., and Norway. Since then, he has composed and produced music for the advertising industry, as well as feature films. Currently, as the executive director of Entertainment Media Services which owns Rock Street Journal magazine and RSJ events, he divides all of his time between Delhi and Mumbai.

Neetu Puri Mathrani - E.N.I.L / RADIO MIRCHI 98.3 fm


Neetu Puri Mathrani has been a part of the radio industry for the past 12 years. Having started her career in the industry as a music manager, she went on to head the only English radio station in Delhi for 5 years. Now as a part of the ENIL’s digital team she heads the programming for all the digital radio stations.

Sidharth Srinivasan


Sidharth Srinivasan's debut short THE TIGHTROPE WALKER premiered at Venice in 2000 when he was 23 years old. His second independent feature PAIRON TALLE (SOUL OF SAND) premiered at Toronto to great acclaim and was screened at other renowned festivals such as Rotterdam and Santa Barbara as well as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. PAIRON TALLE has already secured multi-platform distribution in USA and Canada (The Global Film Initiative), Benelux (Hubert Bals Fund) and - most recently - on 5th October 2012 it was theatrically released in India courtesy PVR Director's Rare. Sidharth is currently at an advanced stage of Development on his next feature TRAAS (THE PROFANE) alongside Finecut of Korea (OLDBOY, SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER, PIETA ETC) and Rook Films of the UK (KILL LIST, SIGHTSEERS etc).

Carlton Braganza - Trump It / Opus


Undoubtedly one of the country’s most charismatic and energetic entertainers, with a voice that mesmerises, Carlton Braganza’s, extensive repertoire spans jazz, rock, funk, pop, country, reggae and western classical. Opus, a patch of Goa right in the middle of bustling Bangalore city is Carlton’s creation - a warm yet lively space for musicians and music lovers to come together and feed off their love for music. Trump It is a Bangalore-based Events & Creative Services company with over 15 years in organizing, programming and executing corporate events and live music at across venues.

Varinder Singh Kundu - Films Division, Govt. of India


Varinder Singh Kundu as Director General, Films Division India is a senior IAS officer of the Haryana cadre and has held many responsible positions in various government departments as Education, Science and Technology, FInance, Agriculture, Public Works, INformation Technology and many more. Not just being a career bureaucrat, Mr. kind has been a keen cinema enthusiast and been responsible in reviving the archives of India's glorious film legacy. He has been engaged in research and teaching of Cinema as well as curating and selecte cinematic work for film festivals and Films Division, India.

Kenny Basumatary


Kenny has directed India's first martial arts comedy, Local Kung Fu, which premiered at the Osian's Cinefan Film Festival and even got a repeat show on public demand. He is the author of a romantic comedy novel, Chocolate_Guitar_Momos (published by Westland), which hit #4 on The Economic Times bestseller list. As an actor, he has worked in Dibakar Banerjee's Shanghai, and several ads and comedy shows.

Haricharan Pudipeddi


If there is one thing that comes naturally to me, it is cinema - My sincere, unadulterated love for the movies that goes beyond entertainment. I'm an independent film critic and a journalist with IANS news agency.

Pragash V M - The Score Magazine


Pragash V M is Co-Founder and Director of Score Media Pvt Ltd. He heads the Business division of The Score Magazine. He has been in the Magazine since its first official Sales Pitch and has always been an integral part of every single stage of the company.
He has managed to organize Score Nights (Concerts every Friday Night) consistently for the past 2 years in Chennai and has launched the same in Bangalore. He has also organized quite a few Music festivals. Currently forming a separate company (Score Events) for events and will be heading the same. In his free time, he has used his experience to do consulting (Marketing & Branding) for a few brands in Chennai.

Malini Hariharan


Malini Hariharan has always had a passion for music and the music business. She has worked in International Marketing at Sony Music in India and New York and at The Orchard, New York in Creative Licensing( She helped conceptualise and launch the first edition of So Percussion Summer Institute ( at Princeton University, New Jersey. She has a diploma in Sound Engineering from the School of Audio Engineering, Chennai and an MA in Music Business from New York University's Steinhardt School of Arts and the Stern Business School. She currently works as Business Strategist and Live Programming at the blueFROG, India.

Sharada Ramanathan


Sharada's directorial debut feature film,, SRINGARAM - DANCE OF LOVE won three Indian national awards and 2 tamilnadu government state awards. She has completed her second feature film, PUDHIYA THIRUPPANGAL (Twists of Fate), to be released in early 2013. Sharada is working on her third feature film. Sharada is also a board member of The World Culture Forum India and has served on the international think -tank for Creative Industries, United Nations evelopmental Program.

Sarah Fatemi - Wild City


Sarah is a co-founder of Wild City, an online music mag with a focus on alternative culture in India. Wild City is now expanding into project based events that serve to encourage and nurture new music in India. Wild City is also a regional partner for Border Movement sourcing content from writers based in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Border Movement is a Berlin based blog encouraging dialogue between electronic music scenes in South Asia and Germany.

Munbir Chawla - Wild City


Munbir is a co-founder of Wild City, an online music mag with a focus on alternative music and culture in India. Previously the head programmer at one of East London’s most underground venues Munbir has roots deep within the UK scene. Wild City is also a regional partner Border Movement, a Berlin based blog encouraging dialogue between electronic music scenes in South Asia and Germany.

Shiv Gupta


Shiv Gupta aka Shiva Moon - Festival Director at the GO:MADras Festival, South India's premier dance music festival. He is also a sound engineer, music producer, event promoter, label manager and DJ with over 15 years of experience in the music industry.

Nitin Rajan - Planet Radio City


Nitin is the Product Head for Radio City 91.1 FM’s digital mega music portal, which hosts a slew of exclusive Web Radio stations including Freedom Radio – A definitive online radio station for all genres of indie music from the subcontinent & the diaspora & India’s first live multi-genre Web Radio (2010). Nitin has pioneered the extreme metal scene in India having co-founded India’s first extreme metal festival – Domination the Deathfest (2000 – 2003), as the frontman for the bands Morticide (Mumbai) & Sledge (Hyderabad) & has been on the Jury panel for Rolling Stone Metal Awards (2010, 11 & 12) & the Wacken Metal Battle India 2012.


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