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IndiEarth XChange 2012

The Park Hotel, Chennai - 30th Nov, 1st Dec, 2nd Dec

On November 30th, December 1st and 2nd2012, IndiEarth will conduct for the first time in India, a think-tank exchange with delegates from India and 11 other countries.

An EarthSync initiative, IndiEarth was born to support India’s independent musicians and filmmakers. Through a multi-dimensional framework, IndiEarth connects India’s artists and worldwide Media and organizes resources for the development of artists and the industry.

Online platform connecting India’s non-mainstream artists and worldwide Media, promotion, and other tools and resources for the independent musician and filmmaker.

Professional Think Tank Sessions for global exchange, collaboration and opportunities for artists and professionals, with a focus on India and the Indian Ocean region.

A state-of-the art venue in Chennai, South India, for India’s independent artists for performances, screenings, rehearsals, residencies, technical training, and a regional home venue for international partnerships.

A sustainable collective of festivals in India and the region for Indian and international artists.

The IndiEarth Project is a growing collective of artists and multi-country professionals joining hands to walk new paths in a fast changing landscape of the music industry.

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An EarthSync Initiative
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