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About Dakta Dub:
Balasubramaniam a.k.a. Dakta Dub’s career started in 2004 when he flew to Hungary for a diploma. Destiny led him to Tilos Radio, Budapest, and opened the doors to underground music which he has been associated with ever since. Here, Dakta Dub had the opportunity to play several genres of music such as Dub, Reggae, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop, apart from the global chill-out sound that he subsequently associated himself with. Now back in India, he promotes non-mainstream music genres in Hyderabad through his online radio station – Monkey Radio; various club events; and major festivals in the country.

Here’s what he has to say on his IndiEarth digs:

Teddy Boy Kill – Tonic
Teddy Boy Kill’s Tonic is full of textures with a strong, deep analog bass feel, crisp synths and a pulsating groovy electro mood with tribal and rock influences. The vocals on top takes the whole vibe on a dream roll.
4 stars because there is always room for improvement.
Filter Coffee – Waiting – An Ode to Nusrat
A neat and clean tribute to Nusrat’s version with smooth synths alongside drums rolled in with the mridangam. There is a Reggae/World feel in the song. The second half of the song progresses to an upbeat tempo. The vocals are very mellow and close to Qawwali style singing.
Very impressive track, but would had been much more expressive if the original Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan track was sampled; because, no one can get close to his voice.
Green Ragas – Jog/Born Into a Beautiful World
After listening to this live concert, I would dig more from Green Raags. This song is a very beautiful mix of Indian Classical, Ghazal, Tabla, Flutes and lots more percussion. For those who are into Ghazal, Indian classical, fusion, and World music this is the perfect blend.
Kambhir Khan – Kesariya
Rajasthani Indian folk is very vibrant. There are multiple styles of music in this part of the country – from the rich, classical music that originated in the forts, to the music of the snake charmers on the streets. This particular song “Kesariya” led by Murali alongside Sarangi and Dholak is as folk as it can get. Sounds very local, yet, very global. The snake charmer music from India is quite popular, around the world.
Abiogenesis – Voices of Kisama
Bringing together traditional music with modern elements is always fascinating. Very traditional Nagaland folk instruments and vocals fused with modern guitars, drums and other lead elements. This song in particular, sounds as if there is enough experimentation being done, and the vocals in the song uplift the soul of the listener.
Tritha – Saajan
The song is very traditional and classic, but the improvisation with a lot of live instrumentalists sounds global. The song starts with Hindustani style singing and during the journey, takes a southern Carnatic style twist accompanied by smooth guitar, deep bass, jazz drums and other world elements. Very blissful. I give this song a 4, as it has a lot of room for more improvisation.
Emergence – Harder the Heart
A true fusion of rock mixed with world influences mixed with Carnatic melodies on violin and ethnic rhythms. The vocals are very conscious and give a lot of life to the song. Mellow bass guitar in the background gives a more soulful touch. Definitely a track for any rock fusion lover.
Project YUJ – Luki – Cover Version
Project Yuj is mix of Carnatic classical music fused with classic rock. This is the feel you get when you listen to the Luki tune from the band. The Band YUJ is a mix of artists from different influences and together, they create a unique sound. There is also amazing Carnatic style mandolin mixed with rock influences. Listen and enjoy!
Mystic Vibes – Wild Dance
Mystic vibes gives a feel of Jazz fusion mixed with deep Carnatic influences on Tabla, Flute, Bass, Drums and other percussion. Mellow jazz piano in the background fuses the two cultures of music jazz and Carnatic styles, very impressively. 

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