IndiEarth Out There: LIVE Banned

What happens when you take an Indian electro-rock comedy act and unplug their guitars? Well that’s precisely what you’ll find out on this week’s episode of IndiEarth Out There – IndiEarth’s travelling video series that offers a space for Indian independent artists to showcase their diverse sounds. This week, it’s LIVE Banned from Bangalore in a rather unique avatar – clad in white dhotis, and performing acoustic.

Founded in 2011, the parody band blends different south Indian languages into their quirky and over the top live show, and consists of band members Amrit Rao (vocals); Dheerendra Doss (percussion); Sridhar Varadarajan (guitar/bouzouki); Siddharth Kamath (harmonium and guitar); Raveesh Tirkey (bass); Yadhunandan Nagaraj (drums). This week, on Episode 5 of the series, they perform their single Death Dance.

“Very Indian song,” says frontman Amrit Rao. “In India you have this habit of taking this dead body, on the road. So like that it is about funeral procession, death procession. Very nice.”

Intrigued? Click below.

Written by: Amrit Rao
Composed by: LIVE Banned
Vocals: Amrit Rao
Percussion: Dheerendra Doss
Guitar/Bouzouki: Sridhar Varadarajan
Harmonium and Guitar: Siddharth Kamath
Bass: Raveesh Tirkey
Drums: Yadhunandan Nagaraj


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