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The band was conceptualized by Ritvik Joe & Zeeshan Khan in 2012, inspired by the fusion of Electronica and Hindustani classical Bandish. Together with K.K – the sound designer/ electronic artist, it was decided that Samved would be a Collaborative Collective.

4In December 2012 Samved was officially formed with its 5 core band members:
Ritvik Joe: Music Producer/ Electronic Artist/ Guitars,
K.K: Music Producer / Electronic Artist,
Zeeshan Khan: Vocalist,
Sangeet Mishra: Sarangi, and
Kirti Prabar Das: Percussion.
Collaborations remain the focal idea of Samved with an intention to collaborate with electronic  & classical artists of different cultures and expanse. Which brings us to Samved – the project.

Samved as a project aims at promoting innovative & experimental electronic & Classical music in India. We currently produce multiple workshop-oriented  playlists, for our Youtube Channel. 1

The 1st Playlist:
Raaga Chakra
– is a set of 10 intricate Raagas of Hindustani classical music, played by renowned sitar player Imran Khan, nephew of Late Ustad Sultan Khan, in an order flowing from early morning Raaga to midnight Raaga.

In Hindustani (Indian) Classical music, each raag is rendered only at a specific time. The time of the raag depends on the vaadi swar (sonant note) and the anuvadi swars (assonant note). This is because each raag with it’s particular swar (note) is more effective if performed at a particular time. It is supposed to enhance the Ras (mood) of the raag that the artist is responsible for evoking. This connection of time of the day or night, with the Raga is based on daily cycle of changes that occur in our own body and mind which are constantly undergoing subtle changes in that different moments of the day arouse and stimulate different moods and emotions.

 2The 2nd Playlist:
We are producing our 2nd playlist with renowned Sarangi player Sabir Khan, son of Late Ustad Sultan Khan, videos of 6 raagas of 6 different seasons in Hindustani classical music. The six  different seasons are – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn,  Winter & Fall.

Following this we will compile Vocal Training Workshops with Ustad Maqbool Husain Khan, Workshop on Indian Rhythm by Kirti Prabar Das, Workshop on Keys, transposing arrangement etc by Gaurav Vaswani,  The Art of  mixing and mastering by K.K (Abhijeet Hedge Patil)  and even a few electronic artists of international stature conducting  workshop on electronic gear, music production & performance.

The 2nd stage includes different Classical & Electronic artists promoting their unique style and specialties through video presentation.

You can be a part of Samved Collaboration – Upcoming Playlists!
Steps to submit your interest:
1. Register on
2. Upload your track (only original music accepted)
3. Email, with the link to your IndiEarth page
We’ll be in touch!

For more information on Samved – The Project visit their Youtube Channel
You can also connect with Samved on Facebook and SoundCloud



Ritvik Joe

Founding member of Samved the band, Ritvik Joe currently plays the role of music producer, electronic artist as well as guitarist in the renowned fusion band.

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