The Nagore Boys – Karunya Kadaasarae Haja

The little town of Nagore – in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu – is home to a Sufi shrine dedicated to the saint Meeran Sahib Abdul Qadir Shahul Hamid Badshah.  This shrine is ever resonating with the transcendental music of a troupe of devotional singers – Sufi singers who use music as a mystical medium, to reach states of religious ecstasy and spiritual awakening. The Nagore Boys – Abdul Ghani, Ajah Maideen and Saburmaideen Babha Sabeer – are three devotional singers from this dargah.  This devotional song – Karunya Kadaasarae Haja – speaks of the greatness of the saint Hazrath Khwaja Garib Nawaz.

The following video is in loving memory of the late Saburmaideen Babha Sabeer (1944 – 2012), who recently left this world for the next.  He was the oldest of the Nagore Boys, and at the age of 35, decided to dedicate his life to the Sufi path of God, dutifully vowing to give up everything else in his sole pursuit of the divine.  He was also the composer of many Sufi inspired devotional songs, and a source of inspiration and wisdom to his two younger brothers.  May he rest in peace.

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