Single release – Awake // Virgin Creep

Guwahati based Virgin Creep are at it again  – infusing rock, with metal core and alternative metal to create their new single –  ‘Awake’.

This track is a combination of electrifying guitar riffs and a groove that’s hard to forget, alongside the low pitched vocals of Anurag Sharma.

Virgin Creep, formed in early 2010, comprises of Anurag Sharma – vocals; Mustaba Hassan – lead guitar; Suprativ Rabha – rhythm guitar; Adnan Ahmed – bass; Himanka Ojha – drums & percussion; and Jahnu Bora – Keys.  Click on for some eclectic electric madness!

‘Awake’ available for free download on Soundcloud

Produced by Siddharth Barooa.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Lucid Recess Studio by Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa.

For more information on Virgin Creep visit –


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