Teri Rehmatein – Harpreet

Composer Harpreet smartly infuses sufi-tinged portions into a breezy acoustic guitar-laden title track which sounds almost like a Salim Sulaiman work in places, especially since Salim Merchant is the lead vocalist. Lovely opener to the album. Harpreet next gets the sufi singer Sanam Marvi (famous to Indians for her Coke Studio songs) to sing Tumba Wajda. And playing to her strength he creates a very sufi-flavored track which sees beautiful usage of the stringed instrument that seems to be oud or saz. That and the singer’s characteristically powerful rendition, this could as well have been another Coke Studio entry!  Another beautiful classical-based melody follows, Tera Noor, which puts Javed Ali’s trained vocals to good use. The backing vocalist (who sadly is uncredited) is also quite effective. Despite its techno elements, Dil De De Bandeya’s folk base and Tochi Raina’s rendition make it a fairly engaging listen, albeit not on the same level as its predecessors.

One more brilliant singer Richa Sharma is brought in with the poignant sufi-flavored track Yaar Mere. It is a treat to listen to Richa sing, and Harpreet makes sure her efforts are not left wanting on the other departments. The vocal prowess of ghazal singer Jaswinder Singh and the perennially under-rated Hrishikesh Karmekar rules Saanwal Yaar even as the composer provides an engaging rock-influenced base to it. Zaaman that follows is another semi-classical melody. Very soothing arrangements and Meenal Jain, with her trained vocals, carries out the rendition quite comfortably.  The album is ended with a trippy philosophically-oriented piece, Mar Jaana. The singer, a first to me, I P Singh, does a commendable job of delivering the song with good support from the chorus.

Close to four years back Harpreet did a sufi compilation for Sony Music called Teri Justujoo, which not many heard (me included). It took Shor In The City last year to bring some limelight to at least two of the tracks from that album. I really hope that fate does not befall this second sufi compilation of his, Teri Rehmatein is one excellent piece of work with a lovely lineup of singers.


Vipin Nair

Vipin Nair is the Co-Founder of Music Aloud, a platform committed to the creation of new work and nurturing emerging composers, singers and rock bands across the world. http://www.musicaloud.com/

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