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Vinay Anthony based in Hyderabad is the voice behind ‘Radio Maverick’; an online radio program. Here’s what this music enthusiast had to say!

IndiEarth: What is Radio Maverick all about and how long have you been at it?

Vinay: Radio Maverick was born out a dream to play and share good music with my friends. On Radio Maverick, I choose to play independent music from around the world, rather than regular off-the-shelf music. Discovering and playing music that may otherwise not reach all audiences. There are two types of independent artists; the first comes with no baggage and just wants to make music, producing fresh sounds that are at times completely unexpected. A perfect example is Peter Cat Recording Co. The second is the disillusioned star for whom success can get very claustrophobic.

Radio Maverick first aired in November 2010. It’s been such a fantastic journey, and along the way, I have met some really wonderful people – artists with passion and drive.

IndiEarth: What sort of music do you play on Radio Maverick?

Vinay: Personally, I am partial towards folk-rock. I love earthy sounds combined with good lyrics. Folk-rock provides that mix perfectly. My favourites on the indie scene are Agnee, Pragnya Wakhlu and Martha’s Trouble to name a few.

Then there is my guilty pleasure – pop! I know it sounds teeny-boppy to like pop, but there is a lot of good stuff out there. Stuff that isn’t insulting to the senses. I play two girls on my show – Minelli Pinto and Jess Penner. Both are poppy, but really good pop.

IndiEarth: What do you feel about the indie music scenario in India?

Vinay: There is so much talent here that at times it is scary. In the 80’s there was only Rock Machine and 13AD. We’d go to their concerts and dream of the day when we’d have rock all over India. Then along came Indian Ocean and Parikrama, they kept the dream alive. But now – wow! The promise is coming to fruition, isn’t it? Agam, Agnee, Raghu Dixit, so many good talented bands. It’s fun! For music lovers this is an awesome period.

IndiEarth: How, in your opinion, can musicians make themselves more visible to connect with the right audience, and more importantly, with media?

Vinay: We need to find new and innovative ways to get the music out there and create a connection with the public. If anything, the problem is one of ‘too much’. There are sites where you can upload music, sites where you can stream it, sites where you can sell it. Then there is the more traditional route of radio stations or television and there are podcasts like mine.

Identifying your audience is the key. We are seeing that everywhere, aren’t we? For every mass-appeal movie, there are five that are targeted at a niche audience. Once you know who your audience is, it helps you identify how you must promote your product and your image. If I had to choose one thing, it would be a good Manager. You need a good, savvy person to help build the image.

The Maverick is always on the prowl for fresh Indie music! To have your music played on Radio Maverick email

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