Bass Instincts: IndiEarth At The Park

IndiEarth At The Park was back again this past weekend featuring Indian electronica heavyweights Gods Robots and Nucleya.

The momentous weekend opened with a performance at the edge of a sapphire blue pool on the terrace of The Park Chennai – in the aptly named lounge bar Aqua. Gods Robots – aka ShriiK and Janaka Selekta – delivered a mesmerising set with smooth sultry vocals, and bass lines as fat as the lady who sings when the show is over.

“We have been really impressed with the high level of production of EarthSync related projects and are happy that we get a chance to play in Chennai at the Park Hotel with IndiEarth,” said Janaka on performing at IndiEarth At The Park. “We absolutely adore the IndiEarth crew”, added ShriiK, “The most fun moments were while we were on stage and watching our audience groove and get down to our sound. We experienced some very touching moments and we couldn’t have asked for more”.

Gods Robots

Gods Robots

The duo – featuring ShriiK on vocals seamlessly blending her Carnatic influences with contemporary sounds, and reputed San Francisco based DJ/Producer Janaka Selekta – decided to bring their two worlds of sound together over the internet in August of 2009, and see what would happen when their universes collided. “It’s the different worlds that we belong to that makes it inspiring,” says ShriiK, “We find common ground through ideas that we exchange which take the form of songs”. The act continues to tour around India, and have big plans in store for the future. “We have a couple of songs coming out on a compilation put together by Janaka and released by Sony (India). We have been booked for the Small World Festival in Toronto in May and are hoping to have US tour dates around the same time,” ShriiK told IndiEarth.

While Friday night was an evening by the pool, Saturday night quite literally exploded on the Leather Bar Terrace – with a dance floor packed to full capacity with sweaty bass crazy souls all in attendance for the one and only Nucleya.

“Chennai is one of those places where I just feed from the energy of the people and decide onstage what I want to play for them”, said the man, aka Udyan Sagar, on performing in Chennai – a city he has a special connection to – “Last time I was in Chennai for a show I had such an amazing time, my EP Koocha Monster revolves around South Indian street music and people in Chennai understand my sound really well. Chennai is very close to my heart”.

Nucleya’s set blended sounds of the street with atomic sized bass bombs dropped on an unsuspecting dance floor, South Indian folk with supreme swagger, with the audience jumping about like rabid monkeys and actually mouthing the lyrics to his tracks. If that’s not fandom, we don’t know what is. Not being able to get enough of Nucleya, the audience screamed for an encore – and he graciously obliged, shifting into Leather Bar and playing into the wee hours of the morning. “I love playing at smaller venues, thankfully I had the most amazing sound system there too, I had such a blast playing”, said Nucleya on his rather exhilarating performance at IndiEarth At The Park, “I just wish if i could have played a longer set!”

The next edition of IndiEarth At The Park will happen in March, and promises another massive line up for Chennai – so keep your eyes and ears peeled, and your calendars marked. For now, check out all the pictures from this past weekend right here.



IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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