The F16’s – Live From The Purple Fest

The atmosphere was heavy with humidity and bass drops. The gig was interspersed with evening showers and chicks screaming. The drum kit had to be tied down with rope because it couldn’t handle its drummer’s mental poundings.

The band was the F16’s, the terrace was packed, and the night was young. It was only going to get madder as the evening wore on. The guys had the audience’s undivided attention as they wove their way seamlessly through tracks that brought the worlds of indie rock and electronica to the same stage, where the two genres could meet, get to know each other, and make beautiful indietronica babies.

We caught all the madness on film – have a listen below to The F16’s with a brand new track – Farfisa Where Are You – on IndiEarth Out There Live From The Purple Fest.

…and stay tuned for the next Purple Fest featuring the radical Tails On Fire – coming to a stage near you on Friday, July 19th!


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