Skrat – Tin Can Man

A Skrat, according to ancient folklore, is a cheeky little creature often believed to possess treasures – riches, gold, and the like.  Sadly, when we forcibly emptied the pockets of the three members of Chennai based indie band Skrat – we found no gold, and no riches.  Just a few guitar picks, and a Bangalore-Chennai train ticket.  Which had already been used.  However, the boys made up for their lack of gold, with a killer acoustic performance of their extremely catchy track Tin Can Man – which they filmed and recorded for IndiEarth Out There, on the terrace of Clementine Studios.  Have a watch and a listen to Sriram on guitar/vocals, Satish on bass/vocals, and Tapass on percussion.

And good luck trying to get this song out of your head.  They haven’t yet developed the cure for that.


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