Soundlab Artists Announced

IndiEarth in association with Border Movement today announces the 6 artists selected for the upcoming Soundlab in Chennai. Under the supervision of electro wizards Robot Koch & T.L. Mazumdar, the chosen artists will gain deeper insights into Digital Music Production & Production Skills at this exclusive 4-day technical workshop. At the Goethe Institut on the 5th, 6th and 7th of this month, the artists will explore music production techniques culminating in a unique creative composition to be showcased at the IndiEarth XChange on December 8th at The Park Hotel, Chennai. An added bonus: the Soundlab track will be digitally distributed online via IndiEarth and made available for download early next year.

Chosen from a vast pool of submissions, these 6 artists showed a caliber of musicianship and experience that earned them their places in the workshop.

The selected artists are:

Abhi Malhotra: A sound designer by profession, Abhi worked in the film and music industries in Los Angeles for a few years and has been trained in the aural arts by individuals who created sound design for films such as Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Apocalypse Now and more. Abhi has released an EP through a London based label recently.  For more details click here.

Nikhil Josh: Is an alumni of A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory in Chennai. Nikhil has sung Qawwali at Rahman’s live concerts and is a pianist as well. He has a keen interest in music production and the use of electronics to enhance the music experience.

Saumya Sejpal: Is a graduate from KM Music Conservatory, an EDM producer and is currently working as a freelance programmer and engineer with composer A.R. Rahman.

Rahul Gopal: Drummer Rahul Gopal is best known for his solo project Drummerboy, where he blends electronica with main stream pop and rock – and The Agenda, a contemporary  jazz, soul and RnB outfit with Matt Littlewood, Mishko M’ba and Sunitha Sarathy.

Amrith Kumar: Is a producer, DJ, Audio Consultant and Ableton Faculty at SAE. Having spent well over a decade in industry, Amrith has worked with many Indian and international artists in the creation of music through electronics. For more on Amrith click here.

Alad Joseph: A passion for music and music technology led programmer Alad Joseph to SAE Chennai a few years ago. Currently, Alad is a student at KM College of Music and Technology where he also focuses on Western Classical piano.


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