2nd GISFF To Celebrate FTII’S Golden Jubilee Through a Special Package

A package of the highly applauded diploma films made by Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune’s students, some of whom later became renowned filmmakers, will be showcased at the 2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF) to be held from May 4th to 6th, 2012 celebrating the premier film school’s golden jubilee.

The specially-designed Golden Jubilee package, earlier screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF, 2012), comprise diploma films made by the likes of Kumar Shahani, Girish Kasaravalli, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sriram Raghavan, Rajan Khosa and several others.

These films give a glimpse to the early promise that these filmmakers exhibited as student filmmakers who learnt their craft at India’s 1st film school that has over the years churned out many a big talent in both artistic and technical streams of filmmaking.

The technical crew of these films also comprised then students of FTII. Some of them later became leading lights of the film industry, such as cinematographers Jehangir Chowdhury, Hari Nair, editors the late Renu Saluja, Rajkumar Hirani, etc.

The films from FTII to be screened at 2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF) have been listed below:

1. 37 Down Manmad Passenger (10 min, 1967, Kumar Shahani)
2. Deccan Queen (1966, K.S. Raju)
3. Awashesh (1975, Girish Kasarvalli)
4. Murder at Monkety Hill (1978, Vidhu Vinod Chopra)
5. Bodhvriksha (1985, Rajan Khosa)
6. The Eight Column Affair (1987, Sriram Raghavan)
7. Dispossession (1988, N.H. Prasad)
8. Sundance Cafe (1991, Ravi Davala)
9. Still Life (1994, Subhadro Chowdhary)
10. Jee Karta Tha (1997, Hansa Thapliyal)
11. Chaitra (2000, Kranti Kanade)
12. The Solitary Sandpiper (2004, Ajita Suchitraveera)
13. Girni (2004, Umesh Kulkarni)
14. Ksha Tra Ghya (2004, Amit Dutta)
15. Chabiwali Pocketwatch (2005, Vibhu Puri)

Cine lovers can come and enjoy these award winning short films at 2nd Guwahati International Short Film Festival (GISFF) commencing from May 4th to 6th, 2012 at District Library, Guwahati.

Aiyushman Dutta

A journalist-critic based in Guwahati, Aiyushman Dutta has been writing on north-eastern music, folklore, cuisine and culture in various publications and portals. One of the very few mainstream journalists to be working for the propagation of north-east indian oral and musical folk traditions, he is presently the art and music critic of The Sentinel in Guwahati, besides being the principal correspondent (East India) for Sound Box and The Big M (Mumbai). Aiyushman is the Founder Secretary of the Eastern Beats Music Society, working towards the holistic development of the independent music industry of the region, and unifying people in strife-torn Northeast India through music. http://aiyushmandutta.wordpress.com/

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